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The next generation mastering has arrived! Both MultiWave™ and LaserWave Multi™ offer the ultimate in flexibility - support from CD through DVD to BD. Systems are configured to support either CD/DVD or DVD/BD (other formats also available including China Blu). Systems can be easily changed between CD/DVD and DVD/BD (new optics module needed) maintaining maximum flexibility.

MultiWave™ offers the ultimate in mastering flexibility from manual entry level through to full automation. With the evolution of both MultiWave™ and LaserWave Multi™ both systems utilize a common modular optic LBR block using proven technology. This product family offers quite exceptional value for money with by far the lowest cost of mastering. See the MultiWave™ and see the future of mastering.
MultiWave™ offers the ultimate in next generation mastering. With entry level "manual" systems through to full automation. Format support from CD through to BD.

The industry's lowest cost stampers!
ODC Nimbus uses technology that is environmentally friendly and also provides amazingly low cost masters (and subsequently stampers).


The underlying technology uses dye polymer which is directly coated onto an inexpensive glass disc/substrate. A new formulation supports high density formats such as BD. After drying in a fully automated process these finished substrates are then written to using DRAW technology. This exclusive Direct Read After Write ensures the optimum master generation and if any defect is detected the process is automatically stopped, unlike traditional systems where typically such problems are only seen when a stamper (or disc) is produced.
Your support needs for heritage products could not be in better hands. ODC Nimbus offers unparalleled service through the ODC Nimbus Care program, upgrade options, spares and consumables.

New US Headquarters
ODC Nimbus has relocated to a new facility in Corona, California. Please click on the link below for details.
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in 2012 ODC Nimbus celebrated 30 years in the optical disc industry
Upgrade program
New Solid State Laser upgrade available for LaserWave 1 and ODC 530 systems
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